Manager SE is a Hybrid Shop Management System that Supports a Number of Important Cloud-Based Features

­­­­­­­The first blog in a series of three.

SE Connect (MSEC) is a data service that facilitates certain tasks while making several cloud-based features possible.

In this brief series of Shop Blog articles, we will discuss how the SE Connect service is leveraged to accomplish tasks beyond the mild-mannered desktop program that Manager SE appears to be on the surface.

SE Connect has been quietly working behind the scenes in Manager SE for several years now. You may have never been made aware of its existence, much less its mission. We recently added a simple dashboard to monitor MSEC status.

Clicking on the ”satellite” icon (Image 1), opens the Live Monitor screen (Image 2). This screen informs users (and potentially tech support) of the current Manager SE software license status – unique for each workstation PC. It also informs users that an update is available for Manager SE and provides a link to download the latest version, if available. Hovering the mouse over the satellite icon will also reveal any software update availability messages (Image 3).

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Cloud Database Backup

The shop’s Manager SE database is the most crucial asset to protect. SE Connect (MSEC) provides ”up-to-last-keystroke” database restore functions that can put a shop right back in business, should something catastrophic happen to the shop’s data. SE Connect is backing up as you type input data to a synchronized cloud-based copy of the shop’s database. This ensures that your shop has a disaster recovery plan in place. We have restored a number of shop databases due to fire, floods, storms or other incidents that either corrupted the data or interfered with proper data input and access. 

Shop Reports

Shop Reports provides the ability to view selected Manager SE reports remotely, wherever the internet and a browser are available to use.  This feature is provided free with Manager SE / ProDemand (Teamworks) subscriptions. Access it by logging into ProDemand and selecting a new Shop Reports module (Image4) that has been added to the home screen.

Image 4

Once enabled, users may login to Shop Reports and select a report from the Accounting, Inventory and Management categories (Image 5) as most likely to be accessed when the owner or manager is away from the shop.

Image 5

Look for trends or track regular business specifics as you like; double-check the Work-In-Progress screen entries, Current Technician Assignments, Invoice Profit Summary and more. Please note that shop activity such as changing document status (RO>INV) or posting of an Invoice will be reflected in your Shop Reports remote viewing just a few minutes later.

Open Recalls

Manager SE shop databases contain hundreds or thousands of decoded VINs; these are exposed to various OEM servers to check for any open (unperformed) recalls and then display a count of these with the Open Recalls toolbar button (Image 6).

Image 6

Your Manager SE system is enabled to “light up” the Open Recalls button when you have a decoded 17-digit valid VIN. This will  identify the vehicle as a participating OEM vehicle having recalls available that have not yet been performed.  We have heard encouraging remarks from shops about how this strengthens your relationship with your customers, as this makes you that much more of a trusted partner with your customers in helping them keep their vehicles properly maintained.

Once the Open Recalls button is clicked, recall information can be copied and pasted as a note in your repair order, or simply printed and left in the vehicle/handed to the customer so they are reminded to get it done. SE Connection makes it possible to share this exclusive Manager SE data feature with your customers.

In our next installment in the Hybrid Shop Management System series, we will look at how SE Connection supports the Manager SE Scheduler and various cloud-based external factors. We will also show you how Mitchell 1’s ProSpect DVI product speaks to the Manager SE database from mobile devices connected to the shop’s network.

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