POWAY, California (March 14, 2005) -Just released, the newest version of Manager/Manager Plus Version 5.7 offers a Mitchell 1 exclusive: a selection of parts vendors and catalogs including the industry’s three premier parts providers — NAPA, O’Reilly Auto Parts and CARQUEST.

As the latest in a series of significant product enhancements, the new Manager/Manager Plus Version 5.7 offers the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated approach to repair shop productivity and administration. Each new product upgrade is geared toward streamlining shop management functions and increasing repair shop profits.

New key features for Manager/Manager Version 5.7 include:

  • Support for three new high-speed internet connections to order directly from a selection of parts vendors including NAPA, O’Reilly Auto Parts and CARQUEST
  • New high-speed connectivity for any distributor using “AConneX” technology.
  • A web button that provides wider access to Mitchell1 support options like “Manager Online Forum”
  • A 350-page User Guide that can open from Manager via the Help menu
  • Easy access to Customer Retention Management (CRM) marketing tools and report options providing improved customer statistics at a glance, such as:

  • Lifetime dollars spent
  • Number of lifetime invoices
  • Invoice dollar average
  • Average number of yearly visits
  • Last visit date
  • A dynamic referral field that makes it easier to record data on-the-fly to be used on the screen and in reports
  • A new Customer List that makes it easy to find and associate a friend
  • More customer information is readily available in direct view via Snapshop -the customer screen now includes ready access to the customer’s e-mail address, birthday, remarks and referral information
  • A source field tracks media that brought a customer into the shop thus providing validation of media buys for future marketing plans
  • A new mileage data requirement option insures proper data is being recorded for subsequent CRM efforts; the Mileage Enforcement option is automatically turned on when CRM is installed. A password for mileage option can be assigned by the shop owner so users cannot change settings
  • Options and settings of many features are easy to change in the Shop Data area of Setup
  • End of Day reporting is available with two options: the user can batch-process 50-plus reports at one time for a specified date range or by when a shift ends
  • A Confirm Line Item(s) Deletion now prompts the user when a line is deleted from an order