Mitchell 1’s Ben Johnson Speaks at AASA
Technology Council (ATC) Spring Meeting

Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, participated in a discussion titled, “How Can Suppliers Help the Repair Community Service ADAS?,” during the AASA Technology Council (ATC) spring meeting, held April 4, 2019 in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management, Mitchell 1
Ben Johnson

Johnson was joined by Chris Chesney, senior director, customer training, CARQUEST Technical Institute. The two experts discussed how ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems — has generated as much buzz and concerns as any topic in the industry over the past two years. They spoke about the challenges, how repair shops are adapting to new calibration requirements and how the industry supports the service industry’s efforts to remain relevant with ADAS.

“The term ‘ADAS’ may not be immediately familiar to all shops, but everybody knows about blind-side monitoring, lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control. These are all ADAS features that shops may already be seeing in their bays,” said Johnson. “As ADAS continues to grow in complexity, independent repair shops need to be ready. It was an honor for me to attend the ATC spring meeting to discuss how suppliers can help the repair community service and repair ADAS components and features.”

ADAS is a term that categorizes a variety of vehicle features that help drivers with everything from collision avoidance warnings to adaptive headlights and automated parking. ProDemand®, Mitchell 1’s auto repair information software, includes a Driver Assist (ADAS) Quick Link button that gives technicians immediate access to a table that consolidates in a single location all the ADAS information for the selected vehicle. It’s a quick way to get access to repair and calibration information for ADAS features and components on the vehicle.

More information about ATC events is available on their website.