Mitchell 1 announced today it has signed a partnership agreement with National Roadside Service, LLC (NRS) to provide Mitchell 1 repair information and shop management systems to NRS service providers to use in their businesses. The agreement includes Mitchell 1’s and Web-based repair information programs for commercial vehicles of all classifications. As featured in AfterMarket News.

“This partnership will mutually benefit both companies as it is intended to help NRS improve the quality of service that we can provide via our association repair shops, and to help Mitchell 1 sell more product and expand more quickly into the heavy truck and commercial vehicle market,” said Cindy Thoms, national marketing director, National Roadside Service.

The NRS and Mitchell 1 relationship allows parties at all levels to gain from their combined organizational expertise:

• Mitchell 1 will have the opportunity to align themselves with some of the best repair facilities in the business and will be able to further serve the commercial vehicle segment of the industry in terms of software sales and services.
• NRS will be able to develop national warranties and vehicle inspection routines, and will know their associated shops will have the necessary software tools to repair vehicles quickly and at a very high level of quality.
• The truck driver/member will be able to move about the country at will with no concerns about what to do in the event of a breakdown or where to get preventative maintenance.
• The fleet owner/member will know that his vehicles will be kept on the road and producing revenue as much as possible, and when they do breakdown, will be fixed quickly and within a pre-negotiated pricing model.

NRS is a national association of service providers that repair, service and maintain heavy trucks, commercial vehicles and RV’s that are owned and operated by members of the NRS network. NRS facilitates towing, repair, maintenance, parts, glass, locksmiths and discounts with national name brand suppliers for all of their member vehicles and fleets anywhere in North America.

NRS employs an internal rating system that assures their members that they are receiving the highest possible service quality in the industry. NRS vendors have instant access through
Mitchell 1 software functionality to approved parts vendors, global parts inventory, will call parts pickup and automated drop shipping of parts to assure the NRS member the quickest possible turnaround on vehicle repairs or services.

NRS member fleets have the ability to monitor real time information on their vehicles via the NRS and Mitchell 1 provided software tools. Member fleets can see detailed information including the vehicle repair history, current vehicle location, status of vehicles requiring service or repair and what those services will cost.

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About the Author

Jill Schafer

Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.