Mitchell 1 Posts Safety Reminder for Truck Technicians

Mitchell 1 has recently posted an important safety reminder in its ShopConnection Truck Blog about how warnings and cautions in service information can help truck repair professionals avoid potential hazards in the shop.

The information is useful both to new technicians learning to service medium and heavy trucks and also experienced technicians who may not be as familiar with new materials that can pose a risk if not handled properly.

As an example, safety information about high temperatures generated from hard parts is covered in a blog post by Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial Vehicle Group. In the post, Safety First: Pay Attention to Warnings & Cautions, he explains that a high-temperature seal made from Fluoroelastomer can become extremely hazardous when it reaches 600 degrees and begins to decay. When technicians start chipping away at the damaged seal to find the root cause, they should take great care as the hydrofluoric acid produced can cause severe burns.

Warnings and cautions like this are included in Mitchell 1’s TruckSeries truck repair information software. Potential hazards in the shop are indicated with cautions (yellow symbols) and warnings (red symbols). In the case of the hot seals, the technician is advised to always wear protective gloves. Mitchell 1 suggests that technicians, especially those who are new to the truck industry, closely watch for these notifications in the repair information software and any other service manuals they use.

In its ShopConnection Blog, Mitchell 1 leverages its vast database of repair information for medium and heavy trucks, as well as the collective knowledge of its commercial vehicle editorial staff, to offer tips and information to help truck technicians work more efficiently. In the blog, many of Mitchell 1’s ASE-certified trucking service experts address repair issues that truck technicians may face every day in the shop. The blog can be accessed on the Mitchell 1 website at

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