Mitchell 1 has introduced the latest version of its ServiceIntelligence (SI) vehicle maintenance tracking software, Version 9. As featured in AutoCarePro:News and

Described as “the next generation in preventive maintenance sales tools,” Mitchell 1 explains that Version 9 of SI provides a detailed tracking of 25 maintenance items and creates a personalized report for each vehicle in the consumers’ household. ServiceIntelligence Version 9, Powered by eAutoclub, offers three product levels – ServiceIntelligence Free (SI Free) and Demo Product, ServiceIntelligence E-mail (SI E-mail) and ServiceIntelligence Pro (SI Pro).

“By automatically analyzing the service history for each customer’s vehicle, profit opportunities are identified and presented in an attractive report format,” said Brian Warfield, Mitchell 1’s senior product manager for ServiceIntelligence. “Each vehicle profile report provides sales, marketing, appointment setting, new profit opportunities and credibility. Customers will appreciate the higher level of service and shop owners will appreciate the increase in preventive maintenance profits for their aftermarket shops.”

With ServiceIntelligence Free (SI Free), the program provides value to Mitchell 1 Shop Management customers even if they decide not to subscribe to ServiceIntelligence. SI Free is included with the Version 9 Demo, allowing techs to send e-mail reminders based on scheduled appointments in their Shop Management schedule. For a limited time, the demo product will allow access to the complete ServiceIntelligence product.

Using ServiceIntelligence E-mail (SI E-mail) allows Mitchell 1 Shop Management customers to send preventive maintenance e-mail campaigns using specific service categories. The product activation fee includes an e-mail matching service using the tech’s Shop Management customer database, allowing for economical e-mail campaigns.

ServiceIntelligence Pro (SI Pro) builds on the SI E-mail functionality by providing complete access to the ServiceIntelligence reports. Users can maximize profit potential by printing out the individual ServiceIntelligence reports at the front counter or e-mailing a personalized report to individual shop customers.

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Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.

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