ProDemand™ is the next generation repair information software from Mitchell 1. This revolutionary software program delivers accurate repair information to help automotive technicians complete their jobs faster, easier and smarter. Inside ProDemand, technicians will find information from the service manuals presented concisely – providing the descriptions, procedures, specifications and diagrams that they need. As featured in, FleetOwner, Work Truck Online, and AutoCareProNews.

“ProDemand will change the way that automotive technicians repair vehicles,” said Gary Hixson, product manager for Mitchell 1. “The information that Mitchell 1 has collected over the past nine decades, combined with the experience to go with it, allows us to present repair, diagnostic and maintenance information in a consistent, easy-to-understand format. Returning all of the relevant findings quickly will save technicians’ time because they won’t have to conduct multiple look-ups to find what they need to complete the job.”

Key features of Mitchell 1’s new ProDemand include:

Repair Module
ProDemand returns the information that is needed for the specific repair so technicians don’t have to search through multiple pages of results for the appropriate information. As soon as the technician begins typing, ProDemand generates a list of components to choose from. The repair module includes procedures, specifications, locations and diagrams relevant to the component or phrase that the technician is searching for.

Diagnostics Module
ProDemand generates a filtered list of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) before the technician finishes typing. Select the code and ProDemand navigates directly to the relevant test procedures, components, wiring diagrams and specifications.

Maintenance Module
ProDemand creates a list of required maintenance items based on mileage, indicator, timed and additional services. Technicians may also access the maintenance information as part of a lifetime services view in order to see the full task list. In ProDemand, fluid specifications and capacities are a click away, saving even more time.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)
ProDemand includes related TSBs alongside the service information. Technicians can clearly see if any TSBs or recalls for the vehicle are applicable, with direct access to recommended procedures just a click away.

Community Module
ProDemand provides access to thousands of other users and their insightful tips, workarounds and troubleshooting successes. Users can search the community forum by keyword, component, procedure or any number of variables. Users can also ask questions and receive responses as well as share their own tips with the community.

Wiring Diagrams
ProDemand provides industry-leading wiring diagrams created in scalable vector graphics (SVGs) – not scanned from the OEM’s printed manual, which means they remain sharp at any enlargement. Because they are drawn to a consistent template, technicians will always know how to read them and where to look for specific components.

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