Mitchell 1’s new Canadian Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) program integrates seamlessly with over 50 different Shop Management Systems to help automotive service providers turn first-time customers into loyal, profitable customers that repeatedly come back for all of their maintenance needs.

“Mitchell 1 CRM service reminders are the first step to optimizing your valuable customer database,” said Brian Warfield, Mitchell 1 product manager. “Service-specific recommendations are pulled directly from your Shop Management System’s database and sent to your current customers as their vehicles come up for recurring maintenance.”

The personalized nature of the service reminder cards means that they won’t be regarded as junk mail, but rather an important form of communication between shops and their customers. The cards feature the customer’s name on the front of the postcard and the shop’s logo, address and phone number are prominently displayed on the inside.

Each service reminder predicts 12 recommendations with easy-to-understand service history information. Track tire rotations, air filters, coolant flushes, brake jobs, ATF, belts, hoses, etc. Actual vehicle daily kilometers are used to compute suggested shop service recommendations.

In addition, the cards include shop-defined coupons to reward customer loyalty.

“Loyal customers are the cornerstone of any solid, successful business. Maintaining your core customers is vital to ensuring that your business continues to grow and profit,” concluded Warfield.

About the Author

Jill Schafer

Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.