Mitchell 1’s new Integrator v1.1 software allows users to transfer information from Manager and ManagerPlus„ 5.9 directly to QuickBooks 2007, reducing data entry costs and errors as well as saving time and improving efficiency.

“Our new Integrator 1.1 is just another example of Mitchell 1 being the industry leader in shop management solutions.” said Nick Diverde, General Manager, Shop Management Solutions-Mitchell 1. “Integrator 1.1 accurately tracks posted invoices, purchase orders, payments, late fees and much more. All important shop information is transferred automatically and effortlessly. Integrator 1.1 is another great Mitchell 1 product that will keep shop owner’s one step ahead of the competition.”

One of the great new provisions of Version 1.1 is that the software automatically checks that required QuickBooks features have been enabled for proper operation between Manager and QuickBooks. This enhancement simplifies the set-up process.

Version 1.1 provides preferred default naming conventions for customer accounts, which keeps customer names seamlessly organized between Manager and QuickBooks during database synchronization. A built-in safeguard prevents synchronizing the manager data to the wrong QuickBooks file; ensuring QuickBooks and Manager remain synchronized without any loss of data.

With Integrator 1.1, information such as tax rates, material rates, labor rates, vendor information, employee lists, inventory items, customer records, invoices, balances, deposits, payments, refunds, late fees and purchase orders are transferred automatically. Version 1.1 also provides a process to backup a copy of the transaction file each time the synchronization process is run, allowing for easy data recovery.

About the Author

Jill Schafer

Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.