Mitchell 1 Enhances ProDemand with 1Search Plus

Mitchell 1 has enhanced its ProDemand auto repair information software with the addition of 1Search Plus. This new interface streamlines the user experience with an easy-to-use graphical design and intuitive workflow to help auto repair technicians work more efficiently.

“We are delighted to introduce a new user interface in ProDemand that follows the same logic that auto repair technicians use when diagnosing and repairing vehicles,” said Gary Hixson, senior market manager for ProDemand at Mitchell 1. “This advanced search technology returns all of the repair information that technicians need in a single lookup, helping them improve both efficiency and accuracy.”

The new interface takes repair information to a whole new level of intelligence with advanced search technology that scans the vast database of Mitchell 1 content and returns only the specific information the technician needs. OEM and SureTrack® real-world information is more tightly integrated and returned together in a single location, with no switching between tabs or scrolling through long lists of articles.

The user selects a vehicle, enters a search term, and 1Search Plus returns information in a unique graphical layout, organized in the same flow that auto technicians use when approaching a diagnosis and repair. Key features and benefits include:

  • The graphical card format is intuitive and easy-to-navigate.
  • Cards are returned in workflow format, following how technicians would naturally work on a job, making their process easier to complete.
  • Results are more targeted, so technicians can spend less time scrolling as data is now categorized into more specific cards.
  • OEM and real-world information are now classified at the same level, not separate “buckets,” streamlining navigation between ProDemand modules.
  • Cards populate only if there is relevant information, so technicians only see information for the results they need.

1Search Plus added to ProDemand

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