Mitchell 1 Adds ProDemand™ Training Videos to Website

Mitchell 1 has added nine new ProDemand training videos to the product training center website to help ensure customers are fully knowledgeable about features and functionality of the product. The brief videos focus on how to use the ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance information program and suggest ways to get the most out of the system so professional technicians can become more efficient at finding information quickly and effectively.

“Technicians have to find time for training when they can, so our goal at Mitchell 1 was to provide a training tool that they can use according to their schedule, when it’s best for them,” said Gary Hixson, market manager for ProDemand at Mitchell 1. “The new training videos provide customers with a convenient and easy way to learn about the ProDemand repair information software. By increasing the product knowledge, we will also be increasing customer satisfaction, which creates loyal, long term customers.”

The ProDemand training videos include:

  • Resources: Supported browsers, live training sessions, knowledgebase and support contacts
  • Vehicle Selection: Selection by year-make-model, VIN or vehicle history, recalls, vintage
  • Maintenance: Scheduled services by mileage intervals, indicator services and/or timed intervals
  • Codes: Fast access to testing information and wiring diagrams related for diagnostic trouble codes
  • Components: Fast access for descriptions, procedures, specs, locations and diagrams
  • Service Manual: Entire library of repair information covered for a selected vehicle
  • SureTrack: Time saving vehicle-specific data generated from millions of successful fixes; all gathered, analyzed and consolidated
  • Estimate Guide: OEM parts, labor times for repairs, scheduled maintenance, fluid types and capacities
  • Quotes: Saved estimates with user-entered items and customer information, taxes, fees, discounts and disclaimers

ProDemand delivers accurate repair information to help automotive technicians complete their repair jobs faster, easier and smarter, without the need for further research. ProDemand  is concise, providing only the descriptions, procedures, specifications and diagrams that technicians need, so they don’t have to spend their valuable time sorting through volumes of information to find the one necessary item. SureTrack is currently offered as a free preview in ProDemand. Subscribers can contribute to and use information from the thousands of other technicians that are using the product, making it even more pertinent and valuable to everyone. For more information about ProDemand, visit

About the Author

Jill Schafer

Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.