Latest Release of Mitchell 1’s ProDemand Includes Probable Component Feature

Mitchell 1 announces the latest release of its ProDemand® automotive repair, diagnostic and maintenance information software includes a new, component-centric display of search results that makes it easier for auto repair technicians to quickly find real-world solutions to solve even the most uncommon problems.

SureTrack® Real Fixes are now grouped by probable component, allowing technicians to see the list of components that are associated with the code or symptom they searched, ranked in order from the most likely to the least likely component at fault. This targeted result helps technicians prioritize their diagnostic strategy when researching a vehicle issue.

“With the latest ProDemand release, we’re very pleased to offer a better user experience based on what customers have told us would make the search process faster and more useful for them,” said Gary Hixson, market manager for Mitchell 1. “Having the component information mapped to DTCs and symptoms early in the diagnostic process saves technicians time by providing ideas about possible solutions right at the very beginning of the lookup in ProDemand.”

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