Shop Owners Marvel at Immediate Impact on Repeat Business

POWAY, California (December 7, 2005) – The Mitchell 1 Customer Retention Marketing (CRM) software, launched earlier this year as part of the Company’s new marketing-driven M1 Business Solutions product line, has already gained some loyal fans among shop owners. The new program is designed to help today’s repair shop owner improve marketing outreach and customer retention efforts.

After just two days of going “live” with Mitchell 1’s CRM, Robert, owner of Autobahn Automotive, Raleigh, NC, gives the new marketing services program an enthusiastic “thumbs up”.

“In just two days, I received 6 calls from customers looking to schedule appointments for service maintenance.” he marveled. Robert recently launched his accelerated marketing campaign using the CRM automated email service reminder system. Existing customers received a reminder email about a maintenance item that needed to be scheduled such as an oil change, engine tune up or tire rotation. Customers then called in to schedule the service appointment.

“Every one of the callers told me they appreciated the reminder and were happy to set an appointment at the time of the call.” said Robert. “I am anxious to implement the other marketing components of this great software program.”

As a result, Robert is considering hiring an additional technician to accommodate the increased workload.

Mitchell 1’s CRM boasts a full range of shop marketing management benefits that include:

  • Increasing customer retention by rewarding loyal customers who visit the shop more often and ultimately spend more money on each visit
  • Reducing overall marketing costs by focusing more efforts on maintaining existing customers as opposed to the more expensive tactics used to acquire new customers
  • Increasing shop profits by scheduling regular repair maintenance activities with customers each time they visit the shop
  • Mitchell 1’s CRM is available Mitchell1’s OnDemand5 Manager/ ManagerPlus customers. To order, contact a Mitchell 1 sales representative, visit the Company website at

    About the Author

    Jill Schafer

    Jill Schafer is the Marketing Communication Manager at Mitchell 1 and has over 20 years of marketing experience with high-technology organizations, including over 10 years in the automotive information industry.