Where Is That Relay Box?

We usually know where to find the fuse block and fuses, but how about those relays?

These days, relays play an important role in troubleshooting electrical components and issues. Knowing where the relay block is located, along with relay positions, helps speed up your troubleshooting procedure. TruckSeries truck repair software can help you find that information.

The quickest way to locate the relay block is by using the 1Search Plus feature in the software. Just type “relay block” into the search bar and hit enter. From there you will see a selection of cards returned with information. Select the “Component Location” card and you will be directed to a graphic indicating the relay block’s location.

Most relay box graphics are accompanied with a detailed chart indicating relay block location and relay positions, along with applicable circuit identification. In addition to the relay box location, many applications include additional graphics showing the relay terminal location and identification. Wiring diagrams are also another great source for relay information.

Take advantage of all the tools available in TruckSeries that are designed to assist your troubleshooting and repair procedure. Explore the additional 1Search Plus cards that are displayed during your search for more information concerning Testing, Specifications, R & R Procedures and Component Operation while you are there as well.

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