TruckSeries Update: Enhanced Wiring Diagrams

Our legendary wiring diagrams just got smarter!

TruckSeries’ world class wiring diagrams now feature intelligent navigation, integrated with 1Search Plus; the advanced search engine and interface in TruckSeries truck repair information software. Save valuable diagnostic time with no more tedious hunting for a component within a diagram.

When navigating wiring diagrams through 1Search Plus, TruckSeries opens the specific diagram with the specific component the user has selected as a search term. This feature saves you time and confusion, especially when navigating through a set of engine performance diagrams that can have multiple pages.

Following that same navigation path through 1Search Plus when a specific diagram is opened, the selected component will be in focus with all the associated wires highlighted as well. Users can also click on other components to toggle highlighting of associated wires for each individual component. Meaning, you no longer have to scan through the page to find the specific component. With just one click, you can see all wires relevant to the component, rather than clicking on each wire for a component.

When using a multi-paged diagram, the highlighting extends through all the related pages of the diagram. Once a wire is highlighted, that highlight will persist across all pages until the circuit reaches its termination point; and yes, the highlight will continue through splices and connectors. This feature is a huge timesaver, eliminating the need to match up wires when going from page to page across a set of diagrams.

When you navigate to the next or previous sequential wiring diagram, TruckSeries now maintains zoom and orientation. Once again, this saves you time as it eliminates the need to reset zoom and orientation for each page opened.

If you want to hide the non-highlighted wires, hidden wires will now appear faded but do not disappear entirely. This allows you to focus in on a component through highlighting, but not lose the overall big picture view of items included in the full diagram.

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Kristy LaPage

Kristy LaPage is the director of Mitchell 1’s Commercial Vehicle Group. She originally joined Mitchell 1in 1997 as a customer service agent and progressed from there. In 2006, Kristy was offered a position of associate product manager within the Commercial Vehicle Group where she found a love for the trucking industry. Her passion is to maintain and produce products that benefit the success of technicians and shop owners.