What’s new in TruckSeries? VMRS!

What’s new in the current release?

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)  are widely used among commercial vehicle fleets and repair facilities that service these fleets. This standardization allows fleet operators to better evaluate the lifecycle costs of their vehicles, and to better understand the services done to those vehicles as they travel across the country. Mitchell 1 already has the most robust estimating system in the industry. Mapping labor jobs in our TruckSeries truck repair software to VMRS gives fleets unparalleled visibility into the work being done to their vehicles and the overall vehicle costs.

When you’re in the Quotes module, you will see that the VMRS code is automatically displayed in the quote screen after you have selected the system/component/labor operation (see Figure 1).

Not only does this added feature save you time by eliminating the need to scroll through hundreds of codes, it also gives you the confidence in knowing the correct code was assigned (see Figure 2).

Looking up VMRS manually can be a very complex process. This enhancement allows you to create a quote the way you always have, but with the added convenience of having the VMRS labor codes display automatically for increased efficiency and accuracy.

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