Exclusive Promotions Specific to Each Type of Customer Communication

Service Reminders

Adding coupons to service reminders can be enticing to customers who are already receiving an OEM reminder based on vehicle mileage service intervals. It can create higher appointment “show” rates. Specifically, promotions that pertain to the services that customers need will likely get that customer to schedule their much-needed service.

If the service intervals primarily focus on simpler repairs or maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations and so on, then why not add a discount coupon in the reminder email that we are already sending out? Coupons do not have be very aggressive; even a small 10% discount can generate great results! The main goal is to make it easy for customers to book and commit to appointments.


Any time you have an important recommendation for a customer, you’re probably hoping they’ll respond positively.  If you want to prompt them to schedule an appointment for a needed service recommendation, why not try using a promotion to give them a reason for coming in?  Since recommendations are used for various types of service or repairs, it may be best to offer discounted labor rates, or a set dollar amount off.  Customers who make and keep appointments for recommendations tend to be loyal customers, so why not provide them with a “Loyalty Special”!?

Thank You Emails

When a customer has left the shop and we send out the “Thank You” email, we promptly ask them to leave feedback based on their recent experience at the shop.  So why not take the opportunity to also give them a  “Thank You” coupon? Maybe a loyalty program type of promotion, or discount on the next scheduled service or repair.  These are great for those “new” customers who maybe visited you for the very first time! Giving them incentives to return to your shop is a good way to build a relationship and make a loyal customer out of them.


Lost Customers

Mitchell 1’s Social CRM team will send out emails to your customers who haven’t visited the shop in 9 months or more.  Maybe they moved away, maybe they started using a competitor’s shop, or maybe they don’t even have the same vehicle on file any more.  It’s hard to say why a customer hasn’t received services for a long period of time, but we do know that our communications can bring those customers back (as you will see in your dashboard reports).  Whatever the reason, it’s always nice to be offered a discount or promotion – It could prompt them to make and keep an appointment.

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