5 Things to Love about SureCritic Consumer Reviews

We recently received an email from a former SocialCRM customer telling us exactly what he missed about our service. The business owner complimented us on our consumer review system and our review partner SureCritic. But that’s only part of why we want to share this with you. The owner summed up very nicely the power of consumer reviews if they are managed properly. He’s got some great insights to help you be successful with your approach to reviews.

Key points made by the shop owner:

  1.  SureCritic reviews tell the business’s true story
  2.  3 star reviews represent manageable grievances that can be resolved
  3. A few negative reviews add legitimacy to the overall review story
  4. Reviews should tell a story of how good a business is at resolving issues
  5. Consumers want to be able to change reviews to 5 stars after resolution

Read this repair shop owner’s email for yourself:

Shop Owner Letter to Mitchell 1 {Click to Open}

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Brian Warfield

Brian Warfield is a Senior Product Manager for the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM product line. He has been in the automotive software business for over 20 years and has earned a degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati Business College.