Managing Customer Reviews Through SocialCRM

A collection of blogs from our SocialCRM team to help your business collect, manage, and even drive more reviews. Enjoy!


Featured SocialCRM FAQ: Google My Business Reviews

The SocialCRM service provides a full-service marketing solution to help aftermarket auto repair shops enhance their customer retention and acquisition efforts. As with any new service, questions can arise once shops dive in and start using all the features offered by SocialCRM.

The Featured SocialCRM FAQ series shares questions that our SocialCRM support agents receive quite often from shop owners and managers. We hope this is helpful and might save you some time – and also spare you having to call in if you happen to have the same question.




Q: How does SocialCRM help me generate Google My Business Reviews?

 SocialCRM helps your shop generate Google My Business reviews by way of a “smart email” sent on your shop’s behalf as part of a recurring targeted campaign (RTC). Every time your happy customers give you a four- or five-star review (using the review service), they also automatically receive an email encouraging them to also write a review of your business on Google. The email also includes a link to your shop’s Google+ page, so while you build your shop’s reputation through positive reviews, you’re also increasing your Internet visibility with additional traffic to your Google + page.

If you’re not sure whether we have your current Google My Business page Web address on file, please feel free to contact your SocialCRM support agent. In fact, your support agent will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Click here to find your support agent’s contact info.  If you don’t have a support agent assigned yet, please call the SocialCRM support line at 888-724-6742 and follow the prompts.

Social Engage – An Automatic Way to Let Your Customers Share Positive Reviews

We are continuing to add new features and shaping your SocialCRM product into an industry leading technology platform for Reputation Management and Social Engagement. The latest update to the “Social Engage” feature is what your customers will now see after making a positive review of your business.

Because having more Facebook Likes will increase your social network and word-of-mouth traffic, we now present your customers with the ability to easily share their positive reviews with their social networks. Facebook is only one of the several ways the newly updated Social Engage features allow your customers to share their positive review, others include Twitter, Google+, and Google +1.

…and did we mention it’s a free upgrade and happens automatically!



The Hidden Value of Consumer Reviews

As the influence of consumer reviews on purchasing decisions continues to grow, there are some less-than-obvious benefits worth your attention. These hidden benefits have great value but are completely free. Now, that’s a good deal.

Here are some tips for getting added value out of your consumer reviews:

  1. Add your review testimonials to your webpage. Relevant, real-time content helps search engines find your business.
  2. Content is king and review content is the best content. Because velocity of the reviews collected influences your search visibility, collecting more reviews faster — via phone calls — is pure genius.
  3. Promote your services in your review responses. Because your response will be read by other consumers, why not take the opportunity to tell them why your business is different, such as free Wi-Fi, loaner vehicles, or a comfortable waiting area.
  4. Respond to a few positive reviews. Through your review site service, such as Mitchell 1’s SureCritic, you have the ability to respond to positive reviews by thanking them for their kind comments. It gives your business a personality for anyone reading the reviews later and it nurtures your customer relationships.

For more information on how consumers value reviews, read more…



The Problem with Fake Ratings and Reviews

Our SocialCRM customers consistently tell us that one of the most valuable features of the product is our Consumer Review service provided through They mention reasons such “reviews are great word-of-mouth marketing” and that reviews “provide great Internet visibility for my business.”

And although word-of-mouth marketing and Internet visibility are absolutely huge values, customers almost never mention the obvious business credibility provided by our verified reviews. Because we know the business transaction took place between their shop and the consumer, the Review link we send to the consumer uniquely identifies that transaction.  It’s so important for consumers to know they can trust that the person who wrote a review actually received service at the shop.

Read the following article from the SureCritic team about the dark side of not having a credible source for consumer reviews. Read More