Do you know what SEO is? Should you know? Why yes you should!

Search Engine Optimization – commonly referred to as “SEO” – is the foundation for driving online traffic to your website. The use of strong keywords, well written editorials, and a great looking website all contribute to increasing your shop’s SEO ranking on search engines. So now you might be asking yourself  “who can help me with that?”

Well Mitchell1’s SocialCRM LocalSearch service can!

We offer professional optimized websites that will help bolster your online presence and connect with potential customers. Mitchell 1 takes care of setting up your website with key SEO elements so you don’t have to worry.

So, how can Mitchell1 LocalSearch service help you with SEO? Let’s find out!

  1. CHOOSING A GREAT DOMAIN – if you don’t already own one, then we will help you choose one that has the correct spelling of your business name, great branding potential and correct keyword choices.
  2. KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS and MORE KEYWORDS! Our SocialCRM marketing team has researched the correct keywords to use on your website from the beginning. And, if you have a specialty shop like transmissions or European vehicles, we will work with you to adjust the keywords to best fit your business.
  3. CONTENT – Mitchell1’s LocalSearch websites are the only ones in the industry that connect actual service performed at a shop with a 5-Star review. LocalSearch websites have a chance to show up in search results when customers are searching for services for their vehicle, matching your shop reviews with their search. We will also showcase your SureCritic, Facebook and Google reviews on the shop website’s testimonial page – bringing even more potential business your way!
  4. OPTIMIZE CODES – From Meta tags, Title tags to Headings, we make sure that they are consistent and concise on your website.

We do all this and so much more with our LocalSeach service.  If you need a website built or have one that needs an overhaul, our SocialCRM marketing team stands ready to assist you.


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