Best of the Blogs – 2020 ProDemand Updates

With 2020 now in the rear view mirror, we can look to the road ahead and to what 2021 will bring. As usual, Mitchell 1 is already hard at work creating value for our customers and finding new and innovative ways to help technicians and shop owners speed up efficiency and value for the coming year.

Get yourself caught up or reacquainted with all the new features and updates in ProDemand this past year by clicking the blog links below.

ProDemand Update: Interactive Wiring Diagrams

(Published January 29, 2020)

  • Interactive Wiring Diagrams – Our interactive wiring diagrams let you navigate from the diagram directly to component information without a secondary lookup. Component names shown in the wiring diagrams are active links that take you straight to information like component location, connector views, replacement procedures and more.
  • New Search Navigation Button – While within a wiring diagram, you also have the ability to launch a search. Click the “New Search” button to navigate to the 1Search Plus card results page with your selected component as the search term.

ProDemand Update: Tire Information and Lifting Points Quick Link

(Published May 20, 2020)

  • Lifting Points Information – ProDemand has made proper vehicle lifting easier than ever by combining lift-point information with tire information into a single, convenient Quick Link on the front page of the 1Search Plus module.
  • Tire and TPMS Information – All tire information is now consolidated into a single Quick Link including Dill and Schrader TPMS part numbers, as well as ATEQ and Bartec TPMS reset procedures.


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