Best of the Blogs – 2019 ProDemand Updates

With 2019 now officially behind us, we look forward to what 2020 will bring. As usual, Mitchell 1 is already hard at work creating value for our customers and finding new and innovative ways to help technicians and shop owners speed up efficiency and value for the coming year.

In 2019, we took this passion and molded it into some pretty cool features and functions, with updates both minor and major. Get caught up on all the new features in ProDemand and learn more about them by clicking on the blog links below:

ProDemand Update: Enhanced 1Search Plus Navigation

(Published October 9, 2019)

  • Enhanced 1Search Plus Navigation – ProDemand has improved 1Search Plus navigation in the “Related To” section of the search results. Now the “Related To” includes your search term with a related component or operation, combining the results for the two selected terms when you click and reach the 1Search Plus card page
  • Enhanced Estimate Guide Navigation – When performing a search within the Estimate Guide module, ProDemand now opens directly to the search result with that result open.
  • Plate and VIN Fields Added to Quotes Module Printout – Printouts in the Quotes module now include the VIN and License plate.
  • Updated Landing Pages – ProDemand’s landing page has been updated with more modern styling.


ProDemand Update: Enhanced Wiring Diagrams

(Published July 15, 2019)

  • Enhanced Wiring Diagrams – ProDemand’s world class wiring diagrams now feature intelligent navigation, integrated with 1Search Plus, the advanced search engine and interface in ProDemand.
  • Extended Mileage Maintenance Labor Times – In October 2018, Mitchell 1 added extended mileage maintenance services to align with the realistic length of time that consumers are keeping and maintaining their vehicles. Now we’ve added the labor times in the Estimate Guide module corresponding to those maintenance services.
  • New Look for 1Search Limited – SureTrack Limited users, including those with active Snap-on Diagnostics data subscriptions, now have the 1Search Plus navigation experience.


ProDemand Update: Part Number Search

(Published May 8, 2019)

  • 1Search Plus Parts Search – ProDemand has added the ability to search using the OEM part number in the 1Search Plus module.


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