Unlock Value with VOYOLink: Proactively Connecting Customer Vehicles to Your Auto Repair Shop

Connect vehicles to auto repair shop with VOYOLink

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, being proactive is just as critical as reactive services when a car rolls into your bay.  Mitchell 1’s recent partnership with Voyomotive – the creator of VOYOLink, connected car technology – has helped usher in a new era of proactive services for auto repair shops.

Over the past few months, the VOYOLink web-based platform has delivered hundreds of alerts directly to vehicle owners and their connected shops. The good news is that the service is absolutely FREE for Manager SE users.

These VOYOLink alerts, seamlessly integrated into your shop management system, cover a wide range of crucial notifications – from scheduled service reminders to intricate engine and transmission problems – and even codes related to ABS and airbag systems.

VOYOLink can also detect issues that often don’t trigger a warning light on the dashboard. In fact, many vehicle owners were unaware of underlying problems until contacted by their auto repair center. This proactive approach not only ensures timely repairs but also prevents potential safety hazards.

Shops have reported that VOYOLink has increased service visits and customer satisfaction, translating to increased revenue. It also allows shops to optimize scheduling, parts purchasing and technician assignments based on the feedback from the device, so you can get a jumpstart on maintenance tasks before the vehicle arrives at your shop.

How it Works

VOYOLink OBD-II DeviceThe integration is made possible with the VOYOLink web-based platform and VOYO OBD-II telematic devices that connect vehicle owners to Manager SE-equipped repair shops. The telematic devices are installed by the vehicle owner, so there’s no need for inventory in the shop.

Once connected, the VOYO devices send vehicle data directly from the vehicle to the repair shop in real time. Customers can request to link to a shop through the search capability on the VOYOLink website and find “Connected Shops” in their area.

As the shop manager, you will then receive a notification of the new user’s request in your Manager SE system; review the customer’s profile and decide if they’re a good fit for your shop. After accepting the request to connect the vehicle to your management system; the device will start working for you!

Getting Started

Becoming a “Connected Shop” takes less than three minutes. Simply visit  www.VOYOLink.com/M1 and create an account. Once your account is created, your customers can link to your shop with a single click from the VOYOLink website and alerts will be automatically posted to Manager SE.

Claim your shop &

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