ProDemand is Part of Your Team: How Auto Repair Software Can Improve Your Sales?

Long turnaround times? Stacks of repair orders piling up? Service bays backed up? Spinning your wheels finding the fix for those difficult repairs? Receiving grievances from your technician staff? Stressed? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you can take that long overdue breath as Mitchell 1 is here to help!

Running an auto repair shop is a demanding, time consuming and stressful occupation, but having the right team by your side can make even the longest and darkest of days shine through. With Mitchell 1’s ProDemand auto repair software in your shop you will save time throughout the automotive repair process, with tools for diagnostics, estimates, repairs and more!

ProDemand’s powerful car repair estimator helps you write accurate estimates quicker than ever before. Giving your customers a quick reference can help make repair decisions quicker and easier, which means less waiting for approvals. Giving the entire repair process transparency goes a very long way with customers!

Diagnosing is a snap, too. You need software to help your technicians quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle issues. ProDemand® with SureTrack® helps cut down your diagnosis time with features like Real Fixes, the Top 10 Repair List, common repair procedures and guided component tests. All of these features use real data from professional auto repair technicians all over the country to help you quickly and accurately diagnose vehicle problems and identify the necessary components and procedures to fix them.

Once your team is ready to get their hands dirty and start the repair, you will have full access to the OEM specifications and procedures to get any job done; all at your fingertips with ProDemand’s mobile friendly features. This further saves your shop valuable time getting vehicles in and out of the service bays quicker, and allowing for more customer repairs to come in each day.

Mitchell 1’s award winning auto repair software includes many top features unique and only available in ProDemand including:

  • SureTrack – OEM and real-world repair information together in a single lookup
  • Real Fixes – Industry insights based on actual repair orders and experiences from expert technicians
  • Common Repair Procedures – Real-world data trends that guide you quickly to an accurate diagnosis
  • 1Search Plus – Brings together complete repair information in a single lookup
  • Top 10 Repairs – Dashboard provides the most common repair issues for the vehicle in your bay
  • Interactive Wiring Diagrams – Industry-leading scalable diagrams with consistent formatting across all OEMs

So as you can see, Mitchell 1’s ProDemand can be just the help you need for your repair shop. The ability to find solutions to difficult repairs faster, simplifying communication within and outside of your shop and keeping your customers returning happy!

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