Keeping Customers in the Know about Your State’s Annual Vehicle Inspections

Marketing Tips from Mitchell 1 SocialCRMThe majority of states require annual vehicle inspections to legally operate a vehicle on the road. Most people are aware of this requirement and make it part of their annual vehicle checklist. Yet others who have recently moved to a new state may not realize that inspection requirements vary from state to state – and requirements can get even more granular based on your county or zip code.

That’s why your repair shop should have a complete digital marketing program in place that includes email and text communications. It provides an easy, automated way to keep your customers informed about your state’s inspection requirements and your services. And in process, you’ll enhance customer trust and grow your business.

Marketing programs such as Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto shop marketing software is hands down the industry’s best solution for customer communications.  This easy-to-use program is integrated with your point-of-sales system, and allows your shop to send value-added messages that target specific services and needs of your individual customers. Here’s an example:

As an automotive repair facility, it is important to maintain your certification as a State Approved inspection site and remind customers about renewing their state inspection sticker(s). This service is one of the many ways SocialCRM helps you to connect with customers and help maintain their complete vehicle history.

With Social CRM, your shop will:

  • Ensure your customers are aware their sticker is expiring
  • Be part of the solution to avoid fines for expired state inspection stickers
  • Be proactive in sending advance messages to make their appointments online
  • Take this opportunity to update recommended services = fewer breakdowns
  • Create the action! How about a courtesy inspection while vehicle is at the shop?

We understand that your time is valuable, and running your shop keeps you on your toes.  But making the time to assist your customers and keeping them in the know about their vehicle can build customers for life!


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