How to Reduce “No-Shows” with Automated Appointment Reminders

Customer no-shows are long-standing issues affecting the automotive aftermarket. No-shows occur when a customer fails to attend a scheduled appointment with no prior notification to the shop. When appointments are missed the shop’s schedule, bays, resources and profitability can be negatively impacted. This could also lead to lost work, affecting potential customers such as tows and walk-ins. No-shows could be due to multiple factors, such as a customer’s financial situation and scheduling conflicts.

Reducing customer no-shows should be a primary focus of every automotive aftermarket shop because it essentially robs the shop of effectively managing their schedule each day. One of the proven ways to reduce customer no-shows is by using an automated appointment reminder service. It is also important to use to right medium when sending a reminder, such as Text.

Studies show that the most common use of text message communication in an automotive shop is to manage appointments, including appointment reminders. In fact, texting helps to reduce no-shows significantly helping a shop maintain the expected revenue of the visit, plus, consumers who receive a text from a business tend to have higher conversation rates than those who do not. Some studies have shown no-show reduction by 40% or more when using a texting solution. Texting is also proven to be convenient and has very high engagement, meaning that if you send a text, it will likely be read.

Good news, Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto repair marketing provides automotive aftermarket shops with automated Pre-Visit appointment reminder text messages. When an automotive aftermarket shop books an appointment using the Manager SE Scheduler, SocialCRM picks-up on the appointment’s date & time and sends the consumer a timely Pre-Visit appointment text messages reminder.

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Marcus Mackell is the Director of Mitchell 1's SocialCRM shop marketing product line. He joined the company in 2003 and has been in the automotive social media & retention business for over 17 years.