How Manager SE Can Help Power Your SocialCRM Program

The SocialCRM automotive digital marketing service is powerful tools helping automotive repair shop owners establish better relationships with their customers. With the use of automated emails & text message, shops can notify vehicle owners of their upcoming services and more! Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto repair marketing service takes the burden of managing a marketing program out of the shop owner’s hands and puts it on cruise control.

Shop owners who use Mitchell 1’s Manager SE shop management software along with SocialCRM receive many extra benefits of the powerful integration of the two systems. You can  manage your marketing activities without ever leaving the Manager SE program.

Here’s a quick run-through on how this works:


1- SocialCRM Star Notification: Located in Manager SE’s options banner, you’ll see a SocialCRM button that resembles a gauge (pictured below).

How it works: Every time a customer writes new SocialCRM review (powered by SureCritic, a leading online customer review company), Manager SE generates a pop-up star notification. The star notification displays a number that represents how many SocialCRM reviews  were captured since you last clicked the SocialCRM button.

After you click the button, you are automatically logged into your SocialCRM reporting dashboard and can view the most recent SureCritic reviews along with other insightful reports with information about new and repeat customers.

2- SocialCRM Notification Message: Located on the Manager SE “Customer,” “Vehicle” and “Order” screens, you’ll see a button labeled “SocialCRM Details.” When you select an eligible SocialCRM consumer, you will be notified of their most recent SureCritic review activity.

How it works: After you select a customer in Manager SE, you’ll receive the message notification shown below if that customer provided a new SureCritic review. Just click on the button once you see this message.

After you click, you will be presented with key information related to that particular customer’s record and any marketing results, including vehicle count, most recent review and lifetime revenue.

Our goal as a company and a team is to ensure that you and your shop have all the tools needed, so we can focus on helping you succeed! Knowing what is expected is half the battle and we look forward to being a part of your success as part of the Mitchell1 SocialCRM family.


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About the Author

Marcus Mackell

Marcus Mackell is the Director of Mitchell 1's SocialCRM shop marketing product line. He joined the company in 2003 and has been in the automotive social media & retention business for over 17 years.