Showing Customer Gratitude Creates Loyalty

When an auto repair shop shows gratitude to their customers, it can help create loyalty. Use these tips to improve the relationship between you and your business.


Part 1Saying Thank You

Could it really be that easy to create loyal customers – just by saying thank you? According to research by the American Marketing Association, the answer is YES! Specifically, the study proved that when your customers show gratitude and the business reciprocates by returning the thank-you, you generate long-lasting benefits such as loyalty and even sales growth.

How to Create Repeat and Loyal Customers

Your loyal customers are the ones that trust your recommendations and would buy your service even if they could find it cheaper elsewhere. On the other hand, repeat customers generally need incentives such as coupons or discounts in order to do business. The idea is to turn repeat customers into loyal customers by building a relationship. Now, think about an existing “loyal” customer – got one in mind? Good. Now, did their loyalty have anything to do with reciprocating gratitude? Since most relationships are based on mutual respect and appreciation, your answer is likely “yes.”

So now that you know that returning a thank-you has significant value to your business, let’s point out your first easy opportunity.

Thank-You Opportunity #1 – Thank Consumers for Their Positive Reviews

Mitchell 1 customers with Manager SE and SocialCRM are automatically alerted when a new customer review is received (See Shooting for the Stars blog post). Responding to a review and saying thank you when your customers give you a positive review is very easy. When you respond to a review, your reply is automatically posted with the original review and an email is sent to the customer with your response. Keep your thank-you simple and to the point, something like: “Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate your business.”

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – See the Star Notification

Step #1 A star on button indicates that you’ve received a new review


Step 2 – Click on Respond/Share

Step #2 Clicking on the Star button in Manager SE displays your most recent reviews


Step #3 Write a Short Thank-You Response

Step #3 Clicking “Respond” brings up a reply dialog box


Part 2: Say Thank-You Again


In Part 2 we ask “What if you knew that the consumer standing at the front counter gave you a spectacular review during their last visit and then shared it with all their family and friends on Facebook?” You thanked them once when they gave the original review months ago, and now you remembered their kind words and said thank-you a second time while they are at your front counter. What impression does this have on your customer? Do you think it would help deepen your relationship?

Here’s how you can do it with the SocialCRM integration with the Manager SE shop management system;

Step 1 – The star indicates a review, and mouse-over text shows how many stars

You could use the mouse-over text to see if they had a positive experience, say thank-you and be done. Or you could click on the button and see exactly what was said, if they shared it on social media such as Facebook, and what services were completed during their last visit – see graphics below.

Step 2 – Click the SocialCRM Details button to see the review and if they shared it

Step 3 – Click the green invoice bar to see service details.

The additional insights you get with this system help you engage with customers and understand their satisfaction level with their experience at your shop.


Part 3: Thanking Your Best Kind of Customers


This third and final blog post will build on the first two parts by thanking customers yet another time for their willingness to actively promote their positive experience with friends and family on their social networks such as Facebook. These types of customers are the most valuable marketing asset your business can possibly have: Advocate Customers who voluntarily share their positive experience with others .


To have the ability to thank a customer for sharing their positive review of your business, you first need to be aware that it happened. This can be accomplished in two ways: The first is by way of an email notification that can be setup in your review system, and the second is by looking at the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM Details screen for information regarding the specific customer.

How to be Notified When Customers Share Positive Reviews:

  1. Turn on, or ask your Mitchell 1 SocialCRM Support Agent to turn on, your Social Notifications emails so that you automatically receive an email whenever your customers share their positive review with friends and family.
  2. Look at the SocialCRM Details screen and look for the social share notification text “Shared on Facebook” (see graphic below).

What are Advocate Customers?

These valuable customers are a unique breed of customers that find it enjoyable and even relaxing to share their opinion online!

Advocate Customers:

  • Habitually share opinions with others
  • Share because they want to help others
  • They prefer to use social media to inform others
  • They find all this activity enjoyable, even relaxing!
  • Brand advocates want to share their reviews and want you to share their reviews
  • Brand advocates want to be acknowledged by the business for being a brand advocate
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in brand advocate customers with discounts and special offers that reward their efforts