How Automotive CRM Software Can Help You Connect with Your Customers

With so many ways to communicate with your customers—phone calls, paid ads, text messages, email and much more—it might surprise you to know there is another method of communication that can be very effective in helping you engage with your customers.

It’s the CRM program. You may ask yourself why you should even use a shop CRM program.

First, let’s understand what CRM means. CRM stands for Customer Retention Marketing – which is a great tool to have visibility and a valuable record of the different interactions your shop has had with your customers.  An automotive CRM software such as Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM service will help you establish trust with your customers before your competitors get a chance to.

As a shop owner who uses SocialCRM, you will find that the service helps:

  • Enhance communication to increase your shop’s engagement with your customers
  • Minimizes the chance your customers move on to your competition
  • Streamlines your automated communications for customer-specific needs; such as next service due, recommendations, state inspection due, limited time offers, appointment reminders and more!
  • Creates custom branding for your shop
  • Makes it easy to communicate with email and texting options
  • Deliver customized messages via email target marketing campaigns
  • Collect and verify customer experiences and feedback to showcase a high level of customer service & satisfaction to prospective new customers
  • Attract new customers to grow your business

By maintaining a solid business relationship with your customers through ongoing communication, you can have consistency in your day to day schedule, increase repeat customer business, attract new customers and ultimately grow your return on investment.

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About the Author

Keri Cloud

Keri’s currently the SocialCRM Marketing Manager and has been with Mitchell 1 since 2011. Prior to joining the Mitchell 1 team she spent 13 years as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 real estate property management company.