Featured TSB: Nissan Changes Valves

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NISSAN valve TSB 01.jpg
An example of old shorter valve (left) and the new, longer valve.

The specifications for various Nissan intake and exhaust valves and valve lifter service parts have been changed. This applies to 2004-2013 Titan (A60) and Armada (TA60), 2012-2013 NV (F80), 2008-2012 Pathfinder (R51) , 2005-2014 Frontier (D40) and 2005-2014 Xterra (N50) vehicles.

The valve stem length of both intake and exhaust valves has been increased and is a direct replacement for the shorter style valve. The related valve cup lifter has been shortened to accommodate the longer valve and the point at which the valve lifter contacts the valve stem has been shortened. These service parts will require that the valve and valve lifter be replaced at the same time.

NISSAN valve TSB 02.jpg
Example of the old style valve lifter cup (left) and the new, shorter valve lifter cup.
Both valves and lifter cups must be changed at the same time.
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