Featured TSB: Parking Brake Battle for Lexus

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Note the location of the lock nut (1) and No. 1 wire adjusting nut (2).

Some 2014-2015 Lexus IS250/IS350 and 2016 IS200T/IS300 and IS350 vehicles may exhibit a rattle type noise from the rear parking brake assemblies when driving over bumps.

Adjust the parking brake (refer to the service manual). Make sure that the No. 1 wire adjusting nut is completely loose during adjustment. This will ensure that there is no gap between the shoe and anchor inside the parking brake assembly. If a gap is present, a rattle noise may occur.

Road test to confirm.

If the rattle is still present, remove the parking brake shoes and parking brake shoe lever sub-assembly.

Clean up the parking brake shoes, lever sub-assembly and backing plate.

Apply disc brake grease to the areas of the parking brake plate, which makes contact with the shoe and anchor block sub-assembly.

Road test to confirm the repair.

Clean and apply disc brake grease to the areas of the plate that make contact with the shoe and anchor block.


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