Digital Vehicle Inspections Build Trust and Healthier Bottom Lines

Digital Vehicle Inspection

If you want to elevate your auto repair business, you should seriously think about investing in a digital vehicle inspection tool. In today’s competitive market, staying ahead means embracing technology that enhances efficiency accuracy and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore why digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) are becoming essential for auto repair businesses.

Efficiency Boost

Traditional pen-and-paper inspection processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. With a digital vehicle inspection tool, you can streamline your workflow. Technicians can easily input data using a tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. This not only saves time but also allows your team to complete more inspections in less time, increasing your shop’s overall productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Today’s customers expect transparency and convenience. With DVIs, you can provide them with both. Detailed inspection reports can be easily shared with customers, giving them a clear understanding of their vehicle’s condition and any recommended repairs. This transparency builds trust and demonstrates your commitment to their safety and satisfaction.

Customers appreciate the real-time updates via text, potentially with photos and technician notes to simplify decision-making. Most customers don’t need every detail—they need the peace of mind that comes from open communications.

Technicians are also empowered to easily answer questions, upsell and make future recommendations to provide next-level customer service. That earned trust can elevate your shop’s average repair order, increase referrals and help build a better bottom line.

Accurate Assessments

Accuracy is crucial in the auto repair industry. Mistakes or oversights during inspections can lead to costly repairs down the line and, more importantly, compromise customer safety. Digital vehicle inspection tools provide a structured framework for technicians to follow, ensuring that no aspect of the inspection is missed. Plus, digital records are less susceptible to human error, giving you confidence in the reliability of your reports.

Increased Profits

Investing in a digital vehicle inspection tool is an investment in your shop’s profitability. By reducing inspection time, minimizing errors  and improving customer satisfaction, DVIs can lead to increased revenue. Faster inspections mean more throughput, while satisfied customers are more likely to return for future services and refer others to your shop.

Introducing Mitchell 1 Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Mitchell 1 provides innovative repair shop solutions that harness the power of digital technology. We continue that tradition with the most advanced digital vehicle inspection software for auto repair centers with the ProSpect™ and Mobile ManagerPro applications.

The digitally completed shop-customized forms describe the condition of everything from brakes to suspension, alignment, tires and more, using easy-to-understand color coding. Green means good, yellow is for instance where repairs may be needed soon and red is for issues warranting an immediate fix.

Mitchell 1 understands that every auto repair facility has its own way of doing business and performing services. That’s why we have ensured our automotive digital inspection software features multi-point inspection templates that allow shop owners to tailor their inspection process to service more vehicles, increase productivity and grow their business.

Digital Vehicle Inspection Applications

ProSpect™: Base-level

ProSpect is a wireless, vehicle check-in and mobile inspection solution for automotive and Class 4-8 truck repair shops. It is a seamlessly integrated add-on to the Mitchell 1 shop management software, Manager SE and Manager SE Truck Edition.

ProSpect features the familiar multi-point inspection process and creates easy-to-understand reports to keep customers in the loop. It also supports the inspection process with custom templates for shop-specific DVI guides that create more consistent inspections, avoiding errors and omissions, intilling customers with confidence to approve the repair work identified during the inspection.

ProSpect, Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Mobile ManagerPro: Premium

While ProSpect integrates seamlessly with Manager™ SE, leveling up unlocks additional capabilities. Mobile ManagerPro extends the full functionality of the Mitchell 1 Manager SE shop management system to mobile devices for portability.

The multi-point, fully customizable color-coded inspections provide sections for technician notes and recommendations (image below). The notes section is really the go-to place for detailing problems and the recommendations area is the place to offer solutions for vehicle repair issues identified.

Mobile ManagerPro, ProSpect, Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Failing to provide compelling evidence lessens the likelihood that the customer will consider an additional repair. By including detailed notes and imagery in the inspections, you’re able to illustrate why the repairs are needed to properly maintain the vehicle in terms of safety and reliability. Therefore increasing the probability that the customer will authorize repairs.

The key difference here is that Mobile Manager Pro acts as the premium level of a digital vehicle inspection tool. It incorporates not only multi-point inspections with DVI guides, but also provides service professionals with full connectivity. This includes access to repair information, estimates, and repair orders right at the vehicle, as well as scheduling, text message reminders, reports, digital signature capture and more. Additionally, the app offers instant team chat messaging directly within the platform.

Click below to view the key features comparison chart for both inspection tools: 

When your shop’s technicians are fully mobile and equipped with the latest repair technology, your shop can deliver the most accurate inspections in less time. Your customers will appreciate a clear picture of the inspection results, allowing them to see what components require repair or replacement—and why.

Technicians have the power to communicate those insights to help customers make an informed decision with inspections that include documentation, and potentially images, supported by OEM information and SureTrack expert community content exclusively accessed by technicians using Mobile ManagerPro.

When you’re ready to put auto repair digital inspections to work in your repair shop, Mitchell 1’s applications are the best, providing two great options to match your business.

Let Mitchell 1 Inspection Software Help Expand Your Business

Like most of us, your customers appreciate digital tools that make life and work more manageable. When your repair center adopts digital vehicle inspections, customers will view your shop as a professional and progressive business. Providing superior customer service using advanced tools and technology will put your shop ahead of the pack today and in the future.

Mitchell 1 provides in-depth support for product content, technical issues and all our digital tools to keep your repair shop running on all cylinders. From our first auto electrical manual in 1918 to today’s most innovative repair shop solutions, we’re on a mission to help repair shops grow. When you’re ready to invest in auto repair technology, Mitchell 1 is your trusted resource for meeting the demands of the auto repair business.

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