Your Customers Want Text Messages – But Don’t Take Our Word for It

According to GALLUP, texting is now the most used form of communication for Americans under the age of 50. And a recent survey reports that not only do consumers text regularly with friends and family, but they also want mores text from businesses like yours.

SocialCRM texting service – Improving show-up and building retention

Reminding your customers about their scheduled appointments via text message helps to ensure they will show up as scheduled. It can also be helpful when they let you know they cannot make it so that you can avoid missing revenue by filling that spot. Likewise, sending a post-visit Thank You text with a review request link allows you to improve your customer retention by building better relationships. When your reply to their review comments, or take care of a missed expectation during their visit, you show them (and anyone reading the review) that you care and will do what it takes to make sure they are satisfied.

OK, but why do some consumers text “STOP” to opt-out

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate that when a consumer types STOP to opt-out of your text, it’s actually a good thing. They are exercising their communication preference and you are accommodating them. You will still be sending them email communications – and that is a good thing for them and your business. So don’t worry if they opt-out of texting.

All your text messages in one place

Your SocialCRM texting messaging service and the Manager SE MessageCenter texting work together and provide added flexibility such as responding to consumer text via your personal phone.

Powerful texting synergies happen when combining SocialCRM and MessageCenter, including:

  • One common texting phone number
  • SocialCRM provides mobile texting window
  • SocialCRM provides mobile response notification for ALL consumer responses, including MessageCenter
  • Respond to text notifications via your personal cell phone, while your personal cell number stays anonymous
  • SocialCRM automated text messages are visible in Manager SE MessageCenter
  • Manager SE MessageCenter text messages are visible in the SocialCRM Dashboard


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