Best of the Blogs – 2019 ProDemand Tips & Tricks

If you’re a ProDemand user, you’ve more than likely noticed there have been some pretty exciting changes made to the program that are helping to speed up your search for auto repair information. Learning new features of a program can always be difficult. Even knowing the full functionality of a program can sometimes elude many long-time users. To help you get to know ProDemand better, we have offered some tips and shortcuts to get you to your fix faster. Use the links below to quickly get caught up on the latest and greatest tips n’ tricks from 2019.

Finding and Using the Right TSB

Published: February 6, 2019

Did you know TSBs could be your golden ticket to a quick fix? As a technician, you probably know a bit about TSBs, but there may be more to the story than you might expect. Recently, Mitchell 1’s Senior ProDemand Marketing Manager, Gary Hixson, had the opportunity to sit down with Motor Age Magazine and share some of his insights about TSBs.

Top 10 Repairs List Helps You Gain Auto Repair Insights

Published: February 27, 2019

You can quickly gain insight into how to repair your client’s car by drawing on the experiences of other auto repair technicians. The Top 10 Repairs list in ProDemand® is a good place to start when developing a repair or maintenance plan for a vehicle. The list allows you to learn from the collective wisdom of many other auto care professionals, and cut down your diagnostic time.

Guided Component Testing Process

Published:  March 5, 2019

Our very own ProDemand Product Manager, Mike Alberry, sat down with Motor Age to illustrate how you, the technician, can use component and diagnostic tests to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and how to navigate through your repair information from start to finish most efficiently.

Forgot Your Password? No Problem!

Published: June 21, 2019

If you’ve forgotten your password — or need to reset your password — to access ProDemand repair information software, it’s quick and easy!

Bookmarking ProDemand Using Google Chrome

Published: July 25, 2019

All modern Internet browsers feature a bookmark function allowing you to quickly navigate to your favorite websites. This blog post demonstrates creating a bookmark for ProDemand using Google Chrome.

Navigating Directly To A Component Using 1Search Plus

Published:  August 22, 2019

ProDemand auto repair software recently added a feature to our 1Search Plus that enables users to find components within wiring diagrams.  No need to hunt through multiple pages of engine performance diagrams to find your component.   Instead, use the navigation path outlined below to navigate directly to the specific page with the component you searched for.   When you open the diagram, that component will be highlighted.

Overview of Mitchell 1 System Wiring Diagrams

Published: September 3, 2019

Mitchell 1 ProDemand auto repair software just added numerous features to the SVG diagrams to give technicians an edge for more efficient diagnostics. A trend that we’ve seen has OEMs including more and more multi-page diagrams. Especially engine performance diagrams which can be up to 16 pages. Using 1Search Plus, ProDemand navigates technicians to the correct page with the specific component you have searched for, saving you from hunting though multiple pages to find your component. Plus, the component is highlighted automatically when the diagram is opened.  The highlighting extends across all pages, as well as keeping your zoom level and position. As the wire is followed to its termination point, technicians won’t have to keep readjusting your screen settings. Also, wires can still be hidden, but the wires now appear faded instead of disappearing entirely.  That allows technicians to keep an eye on the full picture but also focus in on what is important at the same time.


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