What Exactly is Call Tracking for Marketing?

And how can it boost your auto shop marketing results?

When you hear the words call tracking, you may be having images of espionage and wiretapping or maybe some sort of GPS person locator. While these have some practical and beneficial uses in the real world, Call Tracking is not like that.

Simply put, call tracking is a way for your shop to receive important information to help you grow and market your business. It’s a valuable part of your overall auto shop marketing strategy. Let me explain a bit more…

How does call tracking work? Call tracking is a business solution that uses toll-free and local phone numbers to help track and record information from incoming phone calls for a business.

Why use call tracking? Call tracking provides your business with in-depth phone call analytics related to the marketing efforts the tracking number is assigned to. The data can identify where a call is coming from, who is calling and you also have access to a recording of the actual phone call. This helps you gain insight into lead generation, attributions and more. For instance, you can easily compare phone traffic from your marketing campaigns, monitor keyword searches and listen to recorded calls to gain insight about what’s working for your business.

SocialCRM Call Tracking

Call tracking is one of the key features of Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM LocalSearch service. The SocialCRM LocalSearch premium website is automatically configured with a unique local call tracking number designed to help your shop gain insight to your website’s activity, including how many calls that are generated by the website. The insights include:

  • Website sources
  • Lead tracking
  • Missed calls
  • And more

These call tracking insights are made available in the SocialCRM automotive marketing software dashboard reports.

For more information on how call tracking can be a huge advantage to your business, visit LocalSearch from SocialCRM or contact your SocialCRM support agent.

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