TruckSeries Introduces ADAS QuickLink

Streamlines Delivery of Information that Technicians Need to Repair ADAS-equipped Trucks

Information gives us the power to make decisions and avoid approaching dangers.

When it comes to vehicle operation, generations of drivers have had to constantly scan the road ahead, each side of the truck, and behind in order to stay aware of anything approaching that might pose a threat.

When we add these tasks to the driver’s need to monitor the vehicle’s mechanical operations such as brake application on unknown surface conditions, tire pressure, overheating tires, and the numerous other events taking place as a truck rolls down the highway, we begin to see that there is a rather amazing balancing act going on. And of course, the driver must also pay attention to road signs and map directions in order to reach the destination. With all these things going on, it is virtually impossible for the driver to remain informed of every condition affecting the truck.

At least that used to be the case.

What is ADAS?

With the advancement of vehicle electronics technology, manufacturers have developed systems that help the driver to more comprehensively monitor and address multiple systems and operating conditions. ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems — provide information and actions that vastly increase the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

ADAS is a term that categorizes a variety of vehicle features that help drivers with everything from collision avoidance warnings to blind spot monitoring and lane departure. These driver assistance functions use automated technology and are primarily designed to increase safety by detecting obstacles or driver error.

Depending on the features installed on the truck, ADAS can incorporate radar sensors to give warning of the surroundings, the position of the truck and/or trailer positional relationship while in motion, tire pressures, tire temperatures, and incorporates anti-lock brake systems. The ADAS features offer a cohesive system that constantly lets the driver know what is happening all around the truck.

This extra driver support comes with technological complexity. ADAS systems with their various sensors, modules, and associated circuitry are complex. Servicing ADAS features demands the technician be equipped with the information needed to provide accurate and rapid maintenance, diagnosis, repair and calibration.

New: ADAS QuickLink

Knowing the value this critical ADAS information provides, Mitchell 1 is pleased to introduce an ADAS QuickLink feature in the 1Search Plus search engine in TruckSeries truck repair software. This ADAS QuickLink navigates you to a list of components in the ADAS system, presenting a consolidated view of the component/system names, jobs that may require calibration, special tools needed, or if a scan tool is required.

The image below shows the QuickLink button and the 1Search search bar where you can enter the search term.

Search results are displayed once the search term has been entered:

The ADAS features are displayed in a consolidated table, giving you the big picture of all ADAS features on the truck, and also allowing you to narrow the focus to specific system. The components in the list have hyperlinks to full repair information.

Simply click the component/system, and the power of 1SearchPlus returns the data you need to work on the ADAS system with confidence. The returned data is organized under cards indicating the various types of data available for the system. Click the card you need for complete information:

Information is powerful. The ADAS QuickLink will help you get to this key information quickly and efficiently and help you complete an accurate repair and calibration that returns the truck to safe operating condition.

NOTE: 1Search Plus must be enabled in the TruckSeries subscription to view the ADAS QuickLink feature.

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Jake Schell is an editorial consultant with Mitchell 1. Previously, he served as Product Manager for the Commercial Vehicle Group from 2002 to 2023. Prior to joining Mitchell 1, Jake spent 20 years as a technician. He holds a Chevrolet Master certification in the transmission category as well as ASE certifications in both cars and trucks.