Truck Techs: Work More Efficiently with the New 1Search Plus Feature

We’re excited to introduce you to 1Search™ Plus, the latest enhancement to the TruckSeries truck repair software that will help you work even faster and more accurately in your shop.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the TruckSeries user interface and search engine have been redesigned to return information in a graphical card format.

Below are some of the key features in the 1Search Plus module that will benefit technicians.

Intuitive, graphical card format with more targeted results

The look and feel of the cards is intuitive, making the information easy to navigate. The cards resemble the smartphone apps that we’re all familiar with, so it’s easy to adopt the new format quickly.

Information is organized into specific cards by category, returning targeted information sets for the selected vehicle and search term. Most searches will return between 6 and 9 cards, with 11 cards being the maximum.

TruckSeries 1Search Plus cards

Figure 1 – 1Search Plus search results showing card format

The cards appear only if there is relevant information to the vehicle and the search term

TruckSeries will only show a card if there is associated information behind the card. For instance, the wiring diagrams card will only show if there is a wiring diagram related to that search term. So you have access to the full database of Mitchell 1 information, but you only see the information related to the vehicle you’re working on — complete coverage, without the clutter.

Here are the possible cards and their descriptions:

Card Name Card Content
Specifications Vehicle specifications
Testing Test procedures
Component Connector Connector view and pin-outs
Component Location Component location diagrams
Component Operation Component operation and description
Wiring Diagrams Wiring diagrams
Diagrams Images and exploded views
Remove & Replace R&R procedures
After Repair Info Post repair testing and validation
Labor Labor time

So that is a quick first look at 1Search Plus for TruckSeries. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more details here in the ShopConnection blog, so stay tuned!

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Kristy LaPage

Kristy LaPage is the director of Mitchell 1’s Commercial Vehicle Group. She originally joined Mitchell 1in 1997 as a customer service agent and progressed from there. In 2006, Kristy was offered a position of associate product manager within the Commercial Vehicle Group where she found a love for the trucking industry. Her passion is to maintain and produce products that benefit the success of technicians and shop owners.