SureTrack Real Fix: Wrong Signals

Real Fixes from SureTrack® provides expert-based knowledge captured from millions of documented repairs and community discussions.  Read on to see how SureTrack can help you fix tricky issues that are not easily diagnosed with OEM information alone. SureTrack is available at no additional cost within ProDemand.

The SureTrack community proved its strength yet again when a member posted about a 2010 Volvo XC90 in their shop. The vehicle had a check engine light illuminated and was experiencing a loss of power, much to the customer’s frustration. Eager to resolve the problem, the technician posted the question to the community, and with the help of fellow knowledgeable members and the use of a multi-meter on a Snap-on scan, they were able to identify the root cause and solve the issue quickly.

2010 Volvo XC90 2.4 Diesel

2B10, Engine lacks power, Replaced Diesel Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor

The customer states the engine lacks power and the engine light is on.

Confirmed the customer’s complaint and found the engine lacked power and the check engine light was on. Connected a scan tool and found code 2B10 – Particulate Filter Temperature Sensor – Faulty Signal. With the vehicle at operating temperature, viewed scan tool live data. Found that the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor data was erratic. Disconnected the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor connector. Key on engine off used a multi-meter to check for voltage at the connector. Found that voltage was present. Viewed scan tool live data while the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor was disconnected and found it went to a default value. Measured the resistance of the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor with a multi-meter and found that it was not within manufactures specifications. These tests verified that the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor was faulty.

Replaced the diesel particulate filter temperature sensor and verified the vehicle operated properly. The customer’s concerns did not return.

SureTrack® adds to the power of ProDemand® with an exclusive combination of real-world knowledge and powerful diagnostic tools, all wrapped in an interactive community of professional technicians. Designed to help automotive shops increase accuracy and efficiency from diagnosis to completed repair, the industry’s most comprehensive repair information resource is just a few clicks away.

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