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A lot of data is used in modern automotive systems when controlling automatic transmissions. You may have to look past the transmission to find the cause of an issue with it. SureTrack community member Lbrent2444 had a Nissan Maxima in their shop that wouldn’t shift out of first gear and ended up replacing the transmission multiple times without fixing the issue. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member ericsautomotive, and others, they were able to resolve the issue quickly.

The following Real Fix summarizes the interaction between them in the community that led to the solution.

2007 Nissan Maxima SE 3.5L

Transmission won’t shift out of first gear, repaired ABS system.

Customer states that transmission won’t shift out of first gear.

Diagnostic Steps Performed/Parts Replaced
Test drove vehicle and confirmed transmission won’t shift out of first gear. Observed ABS light illuminated. Scanned all modules and found DTC C1107 R/F wheel speed sensor shorted or power unusual in ABS module. Checked wiring going to sensor, OHMed both wires going back to ABS module, both checked to be within specifications. Installed new sensor, test drove car, DTC didn’t return and no other codes from any other module after test drive. Installed two used transmissions and one new from Nissan manufacturer. None of the installed transmissions will shift out of first gear, or go above 40mph. Why won’t transmission shift out of first gear, or go above 40mph, with no DTC’s?

Best Answer from Community Member ericsautomotive
Did you reprogram the TCM or relearn the shift adaptives?

Started investigating data in ABS module and noticed all the speed sensors weren’t reporting same mile per hour reading between front and rear sensors. No DTC’s when scanned again and again. Noticed the right rear sensor difference was off by almost 8 mph compared to front sensor readings, left rear was off about 2mph but would eventually read correctly at intervals.

Problem solved, cleaned mounting bracket and right and left rear tone rings. Installed two new rear wheel speed sensors. Test drove vehicle to observe all wheel sensors were reporting the same MPH. Transmission now shifting through all gears.

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