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Electrical systems are very finicky when it comes to connections and grounding. SureTrack community member Ourfamilygarage had a Chevrolet Silverado in their shop that had the airbag light on and no communication with the module. They posed the question to the community, and with the help of fellow community member Dmckemie12 and others, they were able to resolve the issue quickly.

The following Community Fix summarizes the interaction between members of the community that led to the solution.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3L

Airbag light on, no communication, remounted module.

Customer states the airbag light is on.

Diagnostic Steps Performed/Parts Replaced
Tried scanning airbag module (SDM) and found no communication. All other modules communicate. Checked fuse 40 and 45 both good and have power. Customer finally approved replacing module. Replaced with a used module with same part number giving same symptoms. The dealer did inflator recall work between then and now and diagnosed airbag light as fuse box corrosion/rodent intrusion but I see very little corrosion anywhere and no rodent signs. Fuse 45 is still good. Is there a splice between fuse box and SDM where it could be losing power at or is it more likely a broken wire or the fuse box itself? What else could cause no airbag module communication

Best Answer from Community Member Dmckemie12
It is pin 15 at the SDM, what you are seeing on pin 2 is actually the PPS module (passenger presence), it uses pin 2 for comms.
So, a quick recap, there should be B+ voltage on terminals 9 and 17 in X1 with the key on, there should be ground on terminal 19 of X1, and the body of the module should be grounded to the floor. And there should be continuity between pin 1 of the DLC and terminal 15 n X1 at the SDM.

Found battery voltage on pin 9 and 17 and ground on pin 19. Have continuity from pin 1 DLC to pin 15 of the SDM. Did not know the module needed to be bolted down. Bolted down module and issue is solved.

Bolted down airbag module (SDM) and airbag light went out and can communicate with it.

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