Responding to Reviews — Why it Matters

Part 2 of a 3-Part Series: Potential Customers Are Looking at Your Reviews

Do you know how most consumers go about finding a new automotive repair shop? The latest SureCritic survey asks consumers about the influence of consumer reviews on that process. What if we told you 90% of consumers rely on consumer reviews when deciding where to service their vehicle – would that matter to your business success? You better believe it! This three-part blog post will explore what your online review reputation may be saying to your potential customers and how to take control of the message.

Responding to Reviews Really Does Matters

In Part 1 we discussed how taking control of your “online reputation” starts with collecting reviews that have been verified and how they have more credibility with consumers shopping for auto services.  In Part 2 we will focus on how responding to reviews can positively impact consumers’ impression of your business.

“70% of vehicle owners agreed that seeing shops respond to negative online reviews is important to them.”



According to SureCritic’s 2021 AUTOMOTIVE REVIEW INFLUENCE STUDY it’s quite clear that consumers want to see a business respond to online reviews, noting that ‘…70% of vehicle owners agreed that seeing shops respond to negative online reviews is important to them.’

Of the five redeeming factors measured, a shop responding to negative reviews was the most impactful according to consumers. Other responses included more obvious remedies such as getting a greater quantity and higher overall percentage of positive reviews.

When responding to negative reviews a great place to start is with a positive and professional tone. Making sure to maintain positivity and always re-read your response to confirm a helpful tone, and of course leave the emotional venting for a less public audience.  Here’s a previous post that might be of interest that talks about how to answer negative reviews and how they can be seen as a positive opportunity and not a chore!

Remember, being engaged with your customers and providing responses to good and bad reviews can go a long way to keeping your current customers and bringing you even more. Add that to Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto shop marketing software and you have a perfect combo to bring a strong marketing effort to your shop.

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And stay tuned for Part 3) How to Maximize Your Review Marketing Opportunity coming soon!


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