Resources to Help Your Shop Keep Pace with ADAS

With every model year, brand new and updated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features are introduced. Mitchell 1 is staying current with the OEM updates to help our customers keep pace with all the changes. Our ProDemand auto repair information delivers all the ADAS-related information in a consolidated table, instantly accessible from an ADAS QuickLink on the home screen of the software.

Here are some resources outside of the software that Mitchell 1 has participated in to help your shop handle various aspects of repairing and calibrating ADAS features.

Check out this “Tool Briefing” by Barry Hoyland of PTEN Magazine, which shares invaluable insights into ADAS calibration and other critical tasks repair shops encounter with ADAS vehicles.

Prepare vehicles and your shop for ADAS calibration

Think of any upfront costs as an investment, leading to greater service opportunities as well as continuous ROI.

You have undoubtedly heard a lot about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) the past few years, but are you sufficiently aware of the impact it will have on your business today and in the future?

With virtually every vehicle manufactured the past few years having some aspect of ADAS as part of its safety and driver convenience systems, the probability that you will need to either diagnose, repair, or at a minimum interact with these components is inescapable. These interactions can include being aware of sensors, cameras, and other components in order to avoid disturbing them, or diagnosing, repairing, replacing, and even calibrating these components or systems.

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ADAS: What it Means for the Repair Shop

And if you want a fantastic overview of ADAS, watch this webinar presented with PTEN Magazine by Ben Johnson, our Director of Product Management at Mitchell 1.

The presentation covers “All Things ADAS” – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – what it is, where it’s going, and what you need to know as you service vehicles equipped with it. We cover types of calibrations, calibration systems and the business. If you missed it last year, here’s the recording – definitely worth your time to give it a watch!

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