ProDemand’s 1Search Plus Significantly Improves Efficiency with Targeted Automotive Repair Information at Your Fingertips

Finding relevant, consistent auto repair information when you need it is critical when performing electrical and diagnostic repairs on vehicles. Mitchell 1 auto repair solutions has made it painless to locate pertinent information with ProDemand’s 1Search Plus feature, which serves as a smart information hub to help technicians work faster and smarter.

1Search Plus streamlines search-and-navigation specific to a vehicle and presents the relevant information in user-friendly format.  The technician simply selects the vehicle type, enters a search term for the type of repair required, and 1Search Plus returns complete service information in a unique, graphical card format.

Since OEM and real-world information are presented together on a single page, technicians will spend less time scrolling on their computer to pinpoint the right information. 1Search delivers targeted results at their fingertips via the intuitive cards format, based on the most popular searched terms. It provides information including vehicle specifications, test procedures, component connector information, component locations, labor estimating, and more.

The information is organized in the same flow that auto technicians use when approaching a diagnosis and repair. Therefore, the user interface is easy to understand – particularly for those accustomed to previous search methods that were based on the organization of articles into chapters, sections, etc.

With ProDemand’s 1Search Plus, technicians no longer have to struggle with the way each manufacturer organizes their information in service manuals, or how the nomenclature might differ. The most frequently used data is always available from the 1Search home screen.

Content is categorized into the following cards:
• Specifications – Vehicle specifications
• Testing – Test procedures
• Component Connector – Connector view and pin-outs
• Component Location – Component location diagrams
• Component Operation – Component operation and description
• Wiring Diagrams – Wiring diagrams
• Diagrams – Images and exploded views
• Remove & Replace – R&R procedures
• After Repair Info – Post repair testing and validation
• Labor – Labor time

With ProDemand’s 1Search Plus, technicians will spend less time hunting down information and more time doing what they do best – fixing cars and delivering excellent service.  Their focus remains on diagnosing and repairing the customers’ vehicles, rather than finding the relevant data to do so.

1Search is also incorporated with all TruckSeries Truck Repair Software Subscriptions. For more details on  how to use 1Search, please visit


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