Meet your Marketing Specialist Support Agent: Chris Rohrer

The “Meet Your Support Agent” feature provides an inside look at the SocialCRM auto shop marketing service from the support agent’s perspective. Using their expertise within the automotive field to be part of the business team to enhance the performance of their SocialCRM!  This time we had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Rohrer and obtain his advice to shop on how to engage with their customers, obtain new customers and increase business retention.

What have you found to be a specific area of the SocialCRM that has brought in a great response?

One focal point of our SocialCRM auto repair marketing software program that I have been speaking to our customers about is the “Lost Customer” email.  We trigger this unique message to go out once a customer has reached a time period of 9 months or more since their last visit to the shop.  We are trying to engage and encourage the customer to set an appointment for any outstanding services for their vehicle(s).  In the current state of the world, the lost customer reminder is a big helping influence to retain customers who have not been back since earlier this year.  With the addition of timed special incentives, your message can go even further!

We all know connecting with our customers is vital and builds the strong business relationship we all strive to have.  What do you suggest to take a business customer service to the next level?

SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE!  Respond to your customers’ feedback and promptly. Take the time to make a nice personal message to let them know you are listening, that you care and that they are important to you and your business. When you come across a customer who really took the time to provide a remarkable experience review, highlight their review by showcasing it on your Facebook Business Page or other social media. It’s an easy and great way to show appreciation through client retention strategies like these.

Is there a part of our email communications you discuss on as part of your normal support?

A key factor has always been the OEM auto service reminder. A customer is receiving this very important email due to their specific service needs, calculated by individual mileage driven.  I always suggest running an offer or seasonal service message on these emails. Not only to remind the customer that they are due for an OEM schedule service but to keep the customer in the know of any seasonal services to further protect their vehicle(s). If a business does not use discounts, then showcase what other unique opportunities they may offer: Friends & family discounts, essential workers discount, teacher discount and more. Be creative!

In closing, I feel it is important to always have the conversation with the shops to educate their customers. Going into the mind of the customer as to why are they receiving communications from their business?  The value behind the Owner Auto Site, the OEM that is customer specific due to their driving habits and more, ensures that they receive money saving incentives first and foremost!

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Keri Cloud

Keri’s currently the SocialCRM Marketing Manager and has been with Mitchell 1 since 2011. Prior to joining the Mitchell 1 team she spent 13 years as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 real estate property management company.