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While talking with a fellow technician at the 2020 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis a few weeks ago I heard a story that is everyone’s nightmare. He explained how a technician at his shop was given the task of installing an aftermarket center console box between the driver and passenger seats. Sounds like an easy task. Set the box between the seats grab a drill and a few screws and you’re pretty much done. Only problem here is the technician drilled right through the top of the Body Control Module. Imagine the fault codes that set off not to mention the cost of a new module and having to tell the boss you made a mistake.

Mitchell1 TruckSeries truck repair information provides component locations in various places throughout the articles. Just type the name of your component into 1Search Plus or locate component in correct category located in the Service Manual menu. You will find them in Component Locations, Removal and Installation, Engine Views or Description and Operation sub titles. Some will provide graphics indicating actual location while others may describe location in text.

Having the ability to pinpoint DPF or SCR system sensors can save time and avoid a costly replacement.  These systems may be configured differently from OEM’s depending on how customer originally ordered their truck. Frame mount ABS control modules can also be a challenge to locate. Not every OEM positions or locates components in same locations for various truck models.

So take advantage of all the available Mitchell1 TruckSeries truck repair information component location features. Save yourself some time and possibly eliminate the same issue that our technician experienced while installing that center seat console. You may just save yourself a trip to the boss’s office as well.

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Bruce Cansler started his automotive career in 1973 as a technician for Datsun. He retired from the U.S. Navy as a Seabee Construction Mechanic with 20 active years of service and 10 as a reservist, then spent time working in Ford, Lexus and Caterpillar dealerships. Bruce has obtained ASE certifications in both cars and medium/heavy trucks and has worked with the Commercial Vehicle Group at Mitchell 1 since 2009.