How Auto Repair Shops Can Automate Their Marketing Campaigns to Increase Your Business

Marketing Tips from Mitchell 1 SocialCRM

A big benefit of having a marketing program for your automotive business, is to ensure efficiency, time management, and tools to streamline the branding & reputation for your business. Your Customer’s get to know your business by your branding.  Whether it be the logo, a website or the communications that they receive (email & text), your business needs to make a visual impression!

Using an automated marketing program is the next step to ensure communications are specific to a customer’s need thus providing value! Positioning future automated communications, is also a time savings tool for any shop owner to use. Allowing you to take back the time spent on manually reaching out to customers, while increasing your shops profits!

Automated Communications Must Have’s: 

Recommendations: Follow up on known or outstanding issues, with a realistic “need by date”. Don’t let those services or repairs go to a competitor!  Give your customers the confidence that you have their back. Set these in your management system and SocialCRM auto repair marketing will do the rest!

Lost Customer Communication:  Tell them that “You Miss Them!”  It is a great acknowledgement to receive from a business that they haven’t seen you in a while. Spark that great experience they had previously and get them to come back in.

Text Reminders:  Life is busy, and it is easy to forget about an appointment made in advance.  Set up a follow up reminder prior to an appointment, which assists in the commitment to arriving for the appointment, and increasing the chance that a bay is not left open from lack of work.

Customer Feedback: How about a request for feedback? Let your customers know that their opinion and experience is valuable to you and your shop!  Triggering a nice follow up “thank you” after a customer has left your business not only lets them know that you are grateful to them for choosing your business, but also having verified feedback to reach potential customers.  With SocialCRM auto repair marketing, this is set up automatically by your day to day processes.

State Inspections: A year passes by so quickly these days, and with an integrated service for state inspections you can set the future date, and let the system notify your customer to come in for their required inspections.

3rd Party Verified Review Collection:  Sending out an automated text message to your customers who have recently confirmed their positive experience with your business, is a great way to continue to boost your business reputations and online relevance!   Attract new customers with verified reviews.

And as always for current customers, make sure to give us a call and ask your Mitchell 1 Marketing Specialist for their insight on how you can get more out of your marketing program!

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