• Staying Safe in the Shop: Navigating Hazards and Prioritizing Protection

    Navigating Truck Shop Safety HazardsThere are many potential hazards in a truck repair shop that can lead to injuries. While most technicians take appropriate precautions, distractions and short-cutting can lead to accidents. Learn from Jake Schell’s many years of  shop experience how proper procedures, safety gear and situational awareness can help keep everyone safe.

  • A Little Truck Maintenance Prep Can Go a Long Way

    Jake Schell shares his experience with changing the oil of an old 1967 Mack cabover truck. The blog reveals the importance of preparation and attention to detail in successfully maintaining trucks, particularly in today’s trucking industry, where vehicles are significantly more complex.

  • When Gravity Can Let You Down

    There are numerous components on a truck that hold potential energy. Take for instance, a driveshaft, which can be suddenly converted to kinetic energy and become a hazard if it’s not removed with caution. Learn more in Jake Schell’s monthly column published in Fleet Equipment magazine.