5 Best Practices for Ongoing Shop Marketing Success

Marketing Tips from Mitchell 1 SocialCRMIncorporating a new marketing program in your auto repair business as a part of your day-to-day process can feel overwhelming. Mitchell 1 understands and wants you to know our SocialCRM auto shop marketing team is here to support you from day one!

Below are 5 best practices to incorporate in your daily routine to help your shop achieve ongoing success with our SocialCRM program.

1 Check Your Email

From the moment you start your SocialCRM program you will receive emails from your dedicated support agent as well as your shop customers. Your agent will use email to communicate with you for follow ups as well as to keep you in the loop with your marketing results when they’re unable to reach you.

Customers also email you to request an appointment. The email is just a request for a time slot and you will want to reply back with a confirmation or with an alternate day and time that works for the consumer and your shop. Once you confirm this appointment you will want to place it in your shop’s scheduler so we can send out appointment reminders to your customers for you.

2 Use Your Welcome Kit

When you sign up with SocialCRM you receive a Welcome Kit to help you get started. Its contents include a counter stand with a flyer insert for your shop counter, customer email sign-in sheet and a SureCritic verified reviews sticker for your shop’s window.

When you display the counter stand prominently in your shop, you have a better chance of collecting email addresses from your customers. The information in the counter stand helps them know exactly what they should expect to receive from your shop when providing you with their email address.

The email sign-in sheet is a document you can place on your counter and make part of your check-in process. The more email addresses you have, the more  communications we can send. But also just as important, it allows them to sign up for their Owner Auto Site vehicle history website so they can track their service history with your shop, see what next service is due and read weekly automotive related articles.

The SureCritic sticker is to be placed in your shop window to let customers know about our verified review platform you are using. Customers will receive a “Thank You” email or “Thank You” text with a link asking them to write you a review. If they do not have an email on file they may receive a call to be able to provide feedback about their shop visit experience.

3 Respond to Reviews

SureCritic is our verified review platform and provides a great way to showcase your customers’ feedback about their shop visit experience as well as enable you to quickly and easily respond and engage with your customers after they leave. Responding to consumer reviews with new and fresh content will keep your SureCritic review page active, up to date and visible.  You can also add coupons to your SureCritic page. The content on those coupons is captured as key “trigger” words that helps with populating your SureCritic review page in an organic search and thus bringing in new customers.


4 Check Your SocialCRM Reports

Your SocialCRM Reports are a great way to see how your shop is doing in real time. You have access to them right from Manager SE or through www.M1SocialCRM.com . You are able to see your most recent reviews, all communications that are going out, who is responding to the email communications, how your shop is doing on email collection and compare how your shop ranks to other shops locally and nationwide. It will keep you in the loop with all that is going on and give you the control to see how you are communicating with your customers. When checking these you might come across a few questions. If so, just hit the Contact My Agent button on top and give them a call.

5 Utilize Your Dedicated Support Agent

Each and every account has a dedicated support agent and they are your #1 tool and ally. They take the time to train you on the program so you know exactly what campaigns and emails are going out on behalf of your shop. They also review your SureCritic Business Review Page and help you with Facebook content. Your support agent will stay in constant contact to check in on your shop. Be sure to let them know about anything new at the shop; whether it is shop specials that you want to send to your current customers, new services offered, or new consumer reviews. Also feel free to ask for advice when responding to customer reviews and ask any questions you may have about shop marketing and your SocialCRM service

Our goal as a company and a team is to ensure that you and your shop have all the tools needed, so we can focus on helping you succeed! Knowing what is expected is half the battle and we look forward to being a part of your success as part of the Mitchell1 SocialCRM family.


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Colleen Ready

Colleen Ready began her career at Mitchell 1in 2013 in the Accounts Receivable department. Wanting to find a way to help customers more, she became a part of the SocialCRM team as a Senior Agent. There, she is able to build strong relationships with our customers and provide valued support to increase their business goals.