SureTrack, Updated And Redesigned

SureTrack has recently been updated and moved.  To access the new version of SureTrack, you’ll have to log into either or depending on your preference and if your shop has a subscription to either product.

If you have received an expired credentials message upon logging into the new version of SureTrack, please see our support page to resolve this issue. For any other access diffictulties, please call Mitchell 1 Tech Support at 888-724-6742.

If you received a new Authorization Key from Snap-on for your SureTrack subscription, please see our SureTrack FAQ page for instructions on how to update your SureTrack Community profile with the new key.

suretrackcommunity2Updated Features

The key feature update will be an integrated experience of the SureTrack Community module within ProDemand and ShopKey Pro. SureTrack will be a module within the ProDemand and ShopKey Pro applications, meaning that you will log into ProDemand or ShopKey Pro directly.

  • If you are a subscriber to ProDemand or ShopKey Pro, you will experience the fully integrated repair information and real world information.
  • If you do not subscribe to ProDemand or ShopKey Pro, you will still log into one of those products in order to access the community module. Your experience will be a “Limited” experience, giving you access to the SureTrack Community module and to SureTrack real-world information, but not to the OEM information available to subscribers.proview1b

Also, SureTrack is making the ProView feature accessible for all users. ProView shows relationships between codes, symptoms and components, and can be especially valuable when diagnosing multiple trouble codes at the same time. ProView has previously been a premium subscription feature, but will now be included for all ProDemand and ShopKey Pro users.

Updated Authentication

If you already have a SureTrack account, your account has been automatically transferred to a new User Profile. The User Profile allows you to participate in the community as an individual member, even if your subscription is through the auto repair shop where you work. An updated Profile manager will allow you to control all aspects of your personal information within the community.

“_tech” Login

Since SureTrack is now a module within ProDemand/ShopKey Pro, the authentication system is the same for all products.   This means that every username must be unique. Unfortunately, we had a number of SureTrack usernames sharing the same username as ProDemand/ShopKey Pro, creating duplicate usernames in our authentication system after the merge.  In this case, we have appended your SureTrack username with “_tech”.  Example:

Your previous SureTrack username: SuperWrench

Your new SureTrack Community username: SuperWrench_Tech

SureTrack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Click here for frequently asked questions about the SureTrack Community.


Thank you for using SureTrack.  We appreciate your business and will continue to work hard to bring you solutions to help you repair vehicles faster, with more accuracy and confidence.


Best Regards,

The SureTrack Team