• Reports

    Overview of available reports and developing a reports strategy to meet business information needs throughout the year.

  • Part Kit

    Overview of creating a Part Kit and selecting various options available.

  • Canned Job

    Overview of creating a Canned Job with labor and parts, part kit option, quick CJ menu and more.

  • P.O. – Restock From Inventory

    Describes selecting a vendor to restock inventory, stocking levels, re-order points, transmitting the PO to the vendor and printing a receive checklist when parts arrive.

  • Purchase Orders Screen

    Purchase Order screen overview, explains different types of purchase orders and functions available as part of the parts ordering process.

  • Purchase Order – Manual

    Overview of manual purchase orders for non electronic parts ordering shown with an active repair and also how to manually order parts for inventory stock.

  • Purchase Order – Automatic

    Overview of selecting catalog part, transfer back to Estimate, get customer approval, convert to RO, order part (PO created automatically), then receiving part to RO.

  • Vendor Setup [Linked]

    Advanced Vendor Setup where a catalog link is configured for a parts catalog button to transmit shop credentials to the parts supplier and return price and availability.

  • Parts Ordering

    Overview of ordering parts for inventory and daily needs. Committed and Confirmed status explained, electronic parts ordering discussed.

  • Inventory Update

    Overview of the Inventory Update options to make changes to a selected group of parts all at once, instead of editing and saving record changes one at a time.